Thursday, August 6, 2009

Random Sleep Schedule

Today was an off day for Addison. She has those sometimes. I have'nt got her on a schedule yet, not really sure how to. Whenever we are out running arrons or shopping she sleeps and in content, but when we are home for the day she seems to be cranky. Sometime she will sleep six, seven hours at night other times it's every two, three hours. I wish I knew how to break her of her habbits and get her on a schedule.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Does anyone have any advice about baby bottles?? I can't seem to find a nipple that I love. They are either too fast or too slow!!

Good Finds!!

I will tell you the best place to buy your formula ( if your not breast feeding) is Walmart! The first month I went to Babies R Us because I had gift cards, but you can get formula at Walmart for a couple dollars cheaper! Same with diapers! so don't waste your money. One of my favorite gifts I registered for was Graco's pack and play bassinet. It acts like a bassinet and play pin later. This thing is awesome! At first I wanted one of those fru fru bassinets that only had one purpose until a friend suggested the pack and play and I love it!! It folds down and is great for traveling too! We just took a little vaca and this came in handy!

Proud mommy

Addy is two months old and is as cute as can be! She is starting to smile a lot more and growing like a weed! She enjoys tummy time everyday (which I highly recommend) and is a healthy little girl. Addy is getting her two month shots next week, which I am really nervous about! I'll let you know how that goes! Like most babies she loves the car and stroller, if you can't get your child to sleep the car is your best friend!